With the unprecedented increase in attacks over the past week, we want you to know what you can do to stay safe.

1. If you get an email to change your password anywhere, DO NOT click on the link in the email. DELETE the email, open your browser, and manually enter the URL of the site, login, and change your password there.

2. Use different and unique passwords for every web site and application you use. Make them strong – minimum of 8 characters, with numbers, letters, and symbols. Use long phrases that you can remember to make them even stronger i.e. LogMeIntoMyNetworkNow2017!

3. If you get an unsolicited phone call from someone claiming they can make your computer run faster, remove viruses, etc. – HANG UP IMMEDIATELY.

4. Backup your personal data to a reputable service (Mozy, Crashplan, Carbonite). REMEMBER – syncing your data to iCloud, Google Drive, or One Drive is NOT a backup. If someone hacks your password to those services, they can delete everything on ALL your devices. You need to backup to a place that has a different username and password than the one you use to access your data on a daily basis.

5. DO NOT click to open any attachment unless you are ABSOLUTELY sure it is safe. If it comes from someone you know, call them to confirm they actually sent it. Spoofing email addresses is easy and criminals do it all the time.

6. If you are using an older, outdated, unsupported Operating System like XP, STOP! Buy a new computer. Those devices are highly vulnerable targets!

7. If you are using a supported Operating System (Windows 7, 8, 10) be sure you are running the updates.

8. Always keep your anti-virus updated.

9. Check your bank and credit card accounts regularly for any suspicious activity.

10. DO NOT click on any link in an email, text, or tweet, unless you are ABSOLUTELY sure it is safe. When in doubt, DELETE the message immediately.

We are here to help!

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