Ransomware &
Social Engineering

Ransomware is malware that will encrypt all your data, forcing you to pay a ransom to get it all back. Many companies have been hit by this, costing them millions of dollars. The attack usually comes in an email attachment.

We are now telling everyone:

Do not open any email attachment!
If you get an email with an attachment - call the person who sent it to you to verify they actually sent it. The attackers can easily spoof anyone’s email address making you think it is someone you trust who sent it. If you do not know the sender – DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY!

Social Engineering happens when someone lies to you as to who they are, you allow them access to your systems, and then they steal and destroy all your data. This technique is incredibly effective and has destroyed many companies and individuals. DO NOT BE FOOLED!

NEVER speak to anyone who says they are from "Microsoft Support" or "Your Helpdesk". SAY NOTHING and IMMEDIATELY HANG UP!

Then call the number you have been given by your company for computer support or email your support team, letting them know.

Alpine’s Support desk is 908-707-9696. Our email is support@alpinebiz.com.

Be warned! - Microsoft Support will NEVER call you.
And if you get an unsolicited call from anyone saying they are from Alpine – HANG UP and call 908-707-9696


Ignoring these warnings could result in untold damage to your systems and data, costing you and your company Millions of Dollars in damage.

  Phone: 908-707-9696   •   Website: www.alpinebiz.com   •   Email: solutions@alpinebiz.com

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