DO NOT respond to or participate in ANY ONLINE POLLS!

Russian hackers have developed very sophisticated and DANGEROUS web sites that lure you in by posing as legitimate political polling sites. These are very dangerous sites!

They load a program on your device with another email profile and then attempt to take control of all your emails (business, personal, everything), sending them all to the Russians. Apple users are particularly at risk, as they have specifically targeted Apple iOS devices – MAC computers, iPhones, and iPads!

“Conservapoll Decision 2016” is a known hacking site, claiming to be connected in some way to Drudge and Breitbart.

Check the email accounts and profiles on your Apple devices. If you have an email account called “Conservapoll Decision 2016”, remove it by going to Settings – General – Profile and deleting it. If you do not have a “Profile” tab under Settings-General, then you are not at risk.


DO NOT respond to or participate in ANY ONLINE POLLS, even if they appear to be legitimate!

As always:
Never open any attachments or links from anyone you do not know.

Never provide any information to any “Market Research” firms, or anyone you do not know.

And NEVER allow anyone who calls you to access your computer, unless you are absolutely sure who they are. If in doubt, hang up, and call us, your support team, at 908-707-9696.

We are here to help you and protect your systems and data.

Thank you.

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