CyberSecurity Tip #2 – Passwords



You should use a different password for every website and application. It is the best way to protect yourself and your data. Period.


Here are the best practices:

  • Include numbers, symbols, and upper- and lower-case letters in every password.
  • They should be at least 8 characters long, preferably 12. Change every one of them at least once every 90 days.
  • Always use 6 characters (or longer) wherever possible for your smartphone and other PINs.
  • Use Biometrics (thumbprint, facial recognition) and Two Factor Authentication wherever possible.

Why is this important?

When a website you use is breached, your username and password become widely available on the Internet. Hackers then use those credentials to login to your email and other websites. If it is the same passowrd you use for other sites (email, banking, etc.), thay can easily access those sites and steal your data, or worse, your identity.

Pretty overwhelming, right?

Then use a Password Manager! We do. Last Pass and DashLane are market leaders. Despite the concerns over having someone else manage your passwords, many financial firms are now required to use them for CyberSecurity compliance.

Whether you decide to use a password manager or not, please heed our advice: Make your passwords long, complex, unique, and change them regularly!

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