Disaster can strike at anytime. Is your Business ready?

Your data and Information assets are vital to your business survival. Physical assets can be replaced. Data and information, including accounting records, intellectual property, and proprietary information is much harder, or even impossible, to rebuild.

Disaster Proof your Business
According to FEMA, after a disaster, 90% of small businesses fail unless they can resume operations within 5 days, more than 40% never reopen AT ALL.

A Business Continuity Solution is an invaluable asset for your business, providing a safety net and strategic advantage in the face of unexpected disruptions. By proactively planning for contingencies and implementing measures like data backup, disaster recovery, and crisis management protocols, your business can ensure the uninterrupted delivery of products and services. A robust Business Continuity Solution empowers your business to not only survive unforeseen challenges but thrive and emerge more resilient and competitive in the long run.

Now your business can have an affordable Backup and Disaster Recovery Solution that will ensure that your business will survive nearly any disaster, natural or man-made. Significant advances in technology have made this possible, such as virtualization, affordable storage, and fast access to secure remote data centers.

Alpine will help you take advantage of these technologies to protect your business. If you are still using old technologies like tape and external hard disks to protect your assets, you need to contact us today.

Let our team help you find the perfect solution.