Enjoy your website, worry-free.

We proactively manage every aspect of your website so you can enjoy the benefits of your website without the worry of keeping it up to date with constant updates and new version releases.

Unlike some of the Big Names, we keep your website up to date without you having to request Plugin and Core updates to be made, allowing you peace of mind and more time to focus on your Business.

As part of our Complete Website Management and Premium Hosting, we proactively manage these essential components of your website.

WordPress Plugins need to be updated because keeping old versions is opening the door for hackers to break in. This not only compromises your site’s security, it can creates unnecessary headaches that may be very costly. The same goes for plugins, but the problems don’t stop there. Plugins can stop working altogether when they’re not updated.

If your plugins are outdated, they can cause serious website problems such as compatibility issues, slow load times, broken links, security risks, negative SEO, and a lack of new/advanced features. Compatibility Issues: As WordPress core software evolves, outdated plugins may not be compatible with the latest versions.

A backup is the main guarantee that your site can be completely restored after any problems and crashes. A site backup helps if you inadvertently delete some important elements, a theme or plugin/module harms your site, or if the website is hacked. 

The Website Firewall Firewall adds an additional layer of security to keep your website safe and secure. It blocks website hack attempts, mitigates DDoS attacks, and includes our globally distributed Anycast CDN, which will make your website load faster than ever. It defends your website by virtually hardening your website and patching known vulnerabilities.